About Acando


    Acando was founded in 1999 and has 1 700 employees in five countries. Carl-Magnus Månsson is CEO of the company, which is headquartered in Stockholm.

    Our vision

    A more capable world

    We believe in aggregating and accelerating talent. We give both customers and employees the power to transform and to be transformed. We create value for all by constantly growing talent and making it available for those who wish to take part of it.

    Our mission

    Acceleration at heart, strategy in mind

    We have the ability to understand tomorrow's drivers and adapt them to current conditions. We create results where current realities and future opportunities are in balance. Thereby, we help our customers to accelerate their development. We know that evolution and flexibility are essential. Technology creates opportunities. By combining these results, we drive change and challenge the ordinary. When we bring vision and structure together, the strategies become reality. By bringing together innovation and experience, we make a difference.

    Our values

    Modern pioneers – Grounded Achievers – Passionate Transformers

    The promise to our customers and our values are intimately linked. We take personal and collective responsibility that our actions in all situations reflect and reinforce our values. Our values are summarized in three concepts that characterize us; Modern Pioneers, Grounded Achievers and Passionate Transformers.

    Modern Pioneers

    We inspire our customers through solutions that challenge existing structures and accepted truths. We distinguish ourselves by being clear and simple in our business relationships.

    Grounded Achievers

    We create trust through fact-based analysis, choice of methodology and relevant experience while creating new understanding through simplification and high relevance.

    Passionate Transformers

    We challenge ourselves and our customers to reach higher and accelerate change by passionately driving development in our clients, as well as our selves.

    We collect "evidence" that by living our values in every context we create lasting results, but also by seeing how our employees grow and how we are perceived by and affect our customers and our environment, not only through the delivered results.

    Our partners

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