Business Intelligence

    The amount of data that companies handle is growing rapidly. Many companies have problems dealing with the growing mass of information and are looking for more efficient ways to analyze data and gain valuable insights. Acando's broad expertise in real-time business solutions and BI tools give companies the keys to analyze masses of data.

    To support their daily business activities, companies need real-time access to masses of data. Just the right and timely information can improve decision-making processes and create better operating conditions.

    A functional BI solution can produce clear reports cost-effectively to all employees of the company. In addition to providing technical tools we help our customers to develop practices and culture in a data-driven direction.

    Examples of BI solutions:

    • Collection and analysis of information. We help our clients understand the information gathered and use it to support decision-making
    • Data warehouse modeling and maintenance. Handling large masses of information is easier with the right data warehouse modeling
    • Optimization of data warehouse performance. We optimize our customers' reporting solutions, so that users will have more time to make decisions and analyzes
    • Reporting. Together with our customers we build informative and easy to use reports that greatly reduce the time spent on data collection
    • Mobile reporting solutions. Decisions need to be done anywhere, anytime - regardless of the device
    • Dashboards and applications. We visualize reports using dashboard applications
    • Real-time reporting. The SAP HANA platform enables real-time operational reporting. We build reporting solutions on the SAP HANA platform both in the cloud and on premise



    Success story

    • ISS

      Financial reporting tools

      Acando has helped put ISS's financial reporting in order. ISS has found Acando’s qualified experts and cooperation worthy of praise. Because of the small size of the Finnish market, the type of specialists that Acando offer are sometimes hard to find.


      • Saving of thousands of man-days by minimizing manual working steps

      "For example, we will be able to react to issues very rapidly, if necessary. If we have emerging problems help is found just a phone call away. Otherwise we get to know what’s going on once every three weeks through the contact we have at Acando. This kind of expertise is really hard to find." - Kalle Karlstedt, Systems Manager, ISS

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