Mobile Solutions

    Acando’s mobile work solutions are suitable for companies whose staff work in business areas such as maintenance or inventory control. Acando's mobile work solutions have brought real-time competitive advantage to customers in many different industries.

    We deliver mobile solutions to the needs of many different industries. Easy to use and cost-effective mobile services give different stakeholders a clear overall picture of the work situation. A wide IT capability will enable mobile solutions for seamless integration with the company's ERP system.

    How your company can benefit from mobile working solutions:

    Time saving: the business information can be shared and processed regardless of time and place.

    Customer satisfaction: Real time data availability during field service enables fast reaction to unexpected changes and to immediate customer requirements.

    Labor productivity and cost savings
    : queues, segregation of duties and reporting can be managed without paperwork¨.

    Examples of our packaged mobile applications:

    • Acando Field Service creates a clear and up-to-date visibility of the daily tasks and enables their real-time follow-up
    • Acando Warehouse Management keeps stocks up-to-date and reduces the amount of errors in warehouse transactions. The application is browser based and therefore can be used with mobile phones, tablets or laptops

    Success story

    • Caverion

      The integrated mobile solution for maintenance work

      The Field Service solution at Caverion is integrated to SAP Customer Service processes. The solution is used by approximately 4 000 technicians in the Nordics and Central Europe. The amount of users is planned to increase up to over 5 000.


      • The mobile solution enables the work days of maintenance technicians to be planned at a chosen precision, which has raised the efficiency to a whole new level
      • The elimination of manual paper work has saved each maintenance worker an average of 45 minutes per day, which they can now dedicate to customer service
      • The invoicing process can now be initiated much faster after a task has been completed
      • Servicing and maintenance processes can now be developed more flexibly thanks to the real-time information available
      • The mobile app has eliminated the need for paper documents on on-site maintenance work
      • Faster and up-to-date maintenance visits have increased customer satisfaction

      "The solution had a significant effect on the efficiency of the services, time-saving and error reduction. Acando's strong technical skills and knowledge of our services have given us added value to the construction process of the system. SAP technologies and mobile solutions expertise are a strong combination that will serve us very well." -Kirsi Heikura, IT Director, Caverion Corporation